Another North is a band focused on exploration.  During the writing process they delve into many different influences and topics - with the intent of allowing the sentiment of a song to define its direction. As a result they have developed a widely diversified catalog of original music, a collection of which is available on their MusicNL nominated record; 'Nomadic' (released Aug. 5th, 2014). 

Another North’s current line-up consists of Aaron Morgan (vocals and guitar), Justin Hickey (vocals, bass), Joe Tucker (lead guitar), and Brad Wells (drums). Their moniker was taken from a piece Aaron had penned before the band formed. Lyrically the song resonated with the band, and represented what they hoped to; pursue their love of music, their passion for creativity, and to do it without being tethered to a particular genre. Their approach has produced a wide variety of tunes, ranging from pop-rock (Live Like Bear, You Ain’t Got Mine) and folk-pop (Chapter 2), to indie (Oh My Electrician) and progressive rock (Malthus).    

With melodic, accessible music, and relatable lyrics, Another North have been performing their high energy stage show to a growing fan base in the St. John's area - expanding their reach into the East Coast with Atlantic Canadian Tours during the summer of 2014 and fall of 2015. Another North are in preparation for their next recording project, and are excited to share their evolving sound with the world.   

Meet the members

Aaron Morgan (Guitar & Vocals)
Aaron, started song writing as soon as he learned his first chord in 2003. In 2007 Aaron performed publically for the first time at a local open mic; from then on he was hooked. After sharing his original music for the first time at a song-writers event Aaron decided to start Another North and bring his musical ideas to a full band setting.
Joe Tucker (Guitar)
Joe has been actively performing in bands in the St. John’s area for 16 years. He has written and performed with the alt rock trailblazers Roundely - and a wide range of bands including The Corroborators, The Connexions, Heavens to Betsy, and Peter Willie Youngtree.
Brad Wells (Drums)
Bradʼs career as a drummer spans 16 years, during which he has been performing in both original and cover bands around the St. Johnʼs area. He has been a member of the bands Stitch, Dollhouse, Para-scope, Endless Echo, and Marceno.
 Justin Hickey (Bass & Vocals)
Justin has been learning and performing music since the age of 15. He is a current member of The Irish Descendants, Streel, and band leader for new indie folk act, Weight of the World. Justin's love of bass and singing have made him the perfect musical fit for Another North, and a player in high demand within the local NL music scene (Performing with acts such as Adam Baxter, Earle and Coffin, and more).

EPK Files

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